Fine Art
by Kate McCavitt

With transparent layering, rich surface detail, intense pigmentation and extraordinary luminosity, Kate's mixed media paintings sing contemporary anthems of Nature's elegance.


For any contemporary artist today, their website is their collective virtual art gallery. Artist, Kate McCavitt, invites you into her personal web gallery to be inspired, buy art, or just risk reason for the experience. Kate’s virtual original art gallery is your portal to her abstract art, a fusion of Eastern Influences from Chinese Brush to Asian philosophy and the most modern Mixed Media materials and techniques. Her most recent artwork series mix the abstract with realism, and regional place-driven works of compelling beauty.

Kate McCavitt creates original contemporary abstract art that borders on fantasy both numinous and profane. It is vibrant with color, texture, imagination and story. Sit back, breathe deeply, and experience the original art of Kate McCavitt, in which East meets West between two worlds.

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As featured artist in Breckenridge Colorado gallery.